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At the age of 12 – 16 years, most Maasai girls are forcibly married in Tanzania. The time of the marriage and the husband is alone determined by the girl’s father. Marriage also includes FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) of the young woman shortly before marriage.

A few girls run away from their mutilation and forced marriage and find help, a home and support at HIMD in the Emayani Rescue House. The girls are rejected by their families and do not have the opportunity to go back home, which shows the enormous courage of the young women!

The Rescue house is a center for girls who run from FGM and early marriage. It was founded by HIMD because the young woman realize that they are aware of their rights. Up to now we have helped 169 girls to survive. All of them finished their study as teacher, tailor, nurses and many other work opportunities.

Currently 24 young girls between 14 – 20 years survived the FGM and forced marriage and live in the Rescue House. They get a place to sleep, 2 meals a day and, above all, the opportunity to finish their secondary school and college and build an independent, self-determined life.