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Who we are

HIMD was founded in September 2003 and was officially registered under the Society of Ordinance with the Certificate of Registration SO. NO.12642 on 30-07- 2004 and amended on 13-09-2006.and re-registered in the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children with the Certificate of Registration on 19-07-2019. No.00NGO/00009774


  • To involve the target communities to work towards health promotion.
  • To sensitize, educate, and create awareness of communities on the need for primary and secondary abstinence before marriage and loyalty within marriage as an alternative preventive measure against the HIV and AIDS pandemic
  • To educate youth on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHRs) and the danger of early exposure to pregnancy and the risks of using addictive substances.
  • Education on family planning as part of developing good, healthy families with both parents sharing equal responsibility.
    Educating the community in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and their relation to reproduction and HIV and AIDS transmission.
  • To identify customs cultural traditions, beliefs, and taboos that are gender discriminative and therefore constraints to community development and carry out education and sensitization campaigns with a view to having them abolished.
  • Education on preventive measures with emphasis on community-based healthcare.
    • Immunization
    • Food security and nutrition improvement.
    • Attitude and behavior change (HIV and AIDS prevention).
    • Birth control /Family planning for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. Promotion of Maternal Health (MDGs 4&5)
    • Hygiene mechanism-Hygiene and Healthy lifestyle.
    • Environmental conservation/sanitation
  • To network and collaborate with other change agents who share HIMD’s concerns in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Mobilization of influential people, leaders and use them as key people in community changes.